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Full Service Brighton HVAC Repair & Installation

Our Brighton HVAC contractors install and maintain Trane furnacesOur Brighton HVAC contractors have extensive experience with all of the major heating and cooling brands including Lennox, Trane, Amana, Rudd, Rheem, Bryant, Goodman, Carrier and Tempstar. While these machines are very reliable, the problem with most of them is that they can continue to work even when there are minor problems. When they finally cease operating, the fix ends up costing upwards of $1000 dollars. You may not even notice the minor problems with your system. That's why you should have it checked once a year to make sure everything is running correctly.

One of the more common issues with heating and cooling systems is the blower motor, since it works to circulate the air whether the furnace and air conditioner is running. Blower motors can burn out if they are forced to work to hard due to a clogged furnace filter or accumulation of dust and debris on the unit. The fan belt can also wear out prematurely under these circumstances.

Call our Brighton HVAC Contractors For:

Here is some of the equipment our HVAC team services: HVAC contractor in Brighton Colorado repairs a condensor unit

  • Air conditioning and cooling
  • Furnaces and heating
  • Seasonal maintenance
  • Whole home humidifiers
  • Air ducts
  • Whole home fan/attic fans
  • Thermostats and smart thermostats
  • Radiant heat
  • And more

Our HVAC Contractors in Brighton CO Offer Full Inspections

Brighton HVAC professional heads into attic to examine ducts

While preventative maintenance can keep your system running at peak performance levels, this alone doesn't guarantee you the most efficient heating and cooling system for your home. Our HVAC team will also take a look at things that you wouldn't necessarily think of when you think of heating and cooling. A prime example is your attic insulation. A poorly insulated attic can force your heating and cooling systems to work up to twice as hard to keep your home comfortable. This is because temperatures in a poorly vented or insulated attic can easily reach 150 degrees or more during the summer and can fall below freezing in the winter. Because the attic is directly attached to the living area and heat transfer happens directly through the floor of the attic, your system will be constantly fighting the temperature difference in the attic area.

Our Brighton HVAC team can do a full energy efficiency audit on your system to identify areas that should be shored up to make your home as efficient as possible. Most of the areas, like poorly sealed windows and doors, can be fixed with simple weather stripping. Call us today to schedule a full system inspection and energy audit.

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